Twitter search secrets (Find/Filter/Exclude beyond Advanced Search)

screenshot showing twitter search filters

Twitter is a massively popular micro-blog platform where people go on to share their mind. Statistics show that there are 6,000 tweets ever second. This amounts to around 500 million tweets a day, and that’s a lot. As a user you can converse with users, find users around your location and trending topics.

Twitter allows users to share moments fast, which often results in news circulating on the platform before news networks publish it. If you want to market your product or services on Twitter, you have to know the secrets of the trade to stay ahead of the competition. You can opt to use tools which costs substantially more that what individuals can afford. We are going to share some Twitter search filters that is going to make monitoring, filtering, and reducing spam on your search for making it easy to find targeted leads and demographic.

The search filters can be stacked but stacking too many search filters greatly limits the number of results you can achieve. It depends on the results you are specifically looking for. If that’s the case, then even a few results may be acceptable

The Basics

Search QueryResults
linuxmint Shows tweets containing linuxmint
#linuxmint Shows tweets containing the hashtag
“linux mint”Shows tweet exactly matching linux mint
-venmo Adding a ‘-’ sign tells twitter to filter out the word accompanying it
-“cash app”Excludes tweets containing exactly “cash app”

Include/Exclude by content and content type

Search QueryResults
filter:media Shows tweets with content containing video and images
filter:images Shows tweets with images
filter:videos Shows tweets with videos
filter:links Shows tweets with links
-filter:media Shows tweets without video and images
-filter:images Shows tweets without images
-filter:videos Shows tweets without videos
-filter:links Shows tweets without links
exclude:links Exclude tweets that contain links
exclude:retweets Excludes tweets that are retweets
exclude:replies Exclude replies and shows only original tweets
exclude:mentions Exclude tweets mentioning other users
exclude:hashtags Exclude tweets with hashtags

User filters

Search QueryResults
from:Weblle Shows tweets from user Weblle
to:Weblle Shows tweets mentioning user Weblle
-from:@weblle Filters tweets from the weblle user
filter:verified Only shows tweets from verified users
list:weblle/social Shows tweets from social list by weblle


these need to be be accompanied by a keyword

Search QueryResults Shows content containing links from Instagram
source:Facebook Shows content directly shared from Facebook
source:”Zoho Social”Shows content shared from the Zoho Social Application
source:”Twitter Web App”Shows content shared from a browser
source:”Twitter for iPhone” Shows content sent from the Twitter app on Apple iPhone/iOS
source:”Twitter for Android” Shows content sent from the Twitter app on Android

Activity filter

Search QueryResults
min_retweets:3 Shows tweets which were tweeted more than 3 times
min_faves:3 Shows tweets which were favorited more than 3 times
min_replies:3 Shows tweets containing at least 3 replies


Search QueryResultSearch QueryResult
Arabic lang:ar Italian lang:it
Chinese(Simplified) lang:zh-cn Japanese lang:ja
Chinese(Traditional) lang:zh-tw Korean lang:ko
Danish lang:da Malayalam lang:ml
Dutch lang:nl Norwegian lang:no
English lang:en Polish lang:pl
Filipino lang:fil Portuguese  lang:pt
Finnish lang:fi Russian lang:ru
French lang:fr Spanish lang:es
German lang:de Swedish lang:sv
Greek lang:el Tagalog lang:tl
Hindi lang:hi Tamil  lang:ta
Hungarian lang:hu Thailand lang:th
Indonesian lang:id Turkish lang:tr


Search QueryResults
since:2019-08-17 Shows tweets after the listed date
until:2017-01-27 Shows tweets before the listed date

Utilize the above mentioned search filters creatively and you will find your Twitter search results to be less cluttered which allows you to interact with the right people for your business marketing.

These search queries work in Twitter web application or any twitter application that supports twitter search. So you can get the most out of the app functionality with Twitter functionality as well. Some third party twitter apps support saving a twitter search query and we believe it could make it very convenient to find what you are looking for every time you open the app.

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